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Total Estimated Cost of Attendance 2021/22

Semesters include September 2021, January 2022 and May 2022

程序 持续时间 费用(美元)
本科 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 Navitas GSSP (Year 1 - Freshman Year)** 2 - 3学期 $34,323
本科 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 Navitas GSSP: 3 Semesters with Academic English*** 1学期 $5,158 (plus additional costs of UG GSSP)
研究生 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 Navitas GSSP 2学期 $29,743
ESL English as a Second Language (pre-college) **** 每学期 $5,026
Other 费用 and Charges
Mandatory fees: 本科 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 Navitas GSSP 2学期 $1,156
Mandatory fees: 本科 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 Navitas GSSP 3学期 $1,321
Mandatory fees: 研究生 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 Navitas GSSP 2学期 $795
Medical insurance (Mandatory) 每年 $3,075

* Students will be charged per credit hour; actual cost may be higher or lower depending on specific course choices. Tuition, fees and charges are subject to change.

**Estimated tuition is calculated based on 30 credit hours.

***The Academic English component of the 本科 Navitas GSSP is delivered through 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿’s Academic Support 项目. As part of the Academic English, 根据需要, students enroll in the lower level English ESL100A, ESL100B, ESL100C (2020/2021 combined cost of $5,158), and higher level courses ESL 100D, ESL 100E charged at an additional cost calculated on per credit hour basis. Academic English courses, 在一般情况下, do not carry academic credit towards the degree, but are required for students with lower English placement scores.

****The pre-college ESL program is also available through UMB’s on-site ESL 程序.

^ 费用 and charges listed are current in 2020 and will be subject to increase in 2021. 费用 do not include accommodation or 餐.

程序 fees include:

  • Tuition and orientation program
  • Full access to 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 facilities (campus center, 图书馆, 体育中心, 电脑, 卫生服务, 等.)
  • Participation in 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 students clubs and associations
  • 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 academic and career advising, 住房, international student advising, IT services and other services available to all students on campus

Health Insurance

In accordance with the State of Massachusetts’ Qualifying Student Health Insurance 程序, all 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 students must carry health insurance. 因此, if you do not have health insurance under another plan with ‘comparable’ (that is equal or better) cover, you must buy the 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 Student Health Insurance Plan.

Please note, the following does not meet the state criteria for ‘comparable’ insurance coverage:

  • Foreign (international) health insurance cover
  • Uncompensated Care Pool (free care)

Additional costs

In addition to your tuition and other fees, you will need approximately US$12,000 - 15美元,000 to meet your living expenses each year. Typical expenses include accommodations, 餐, 书, 文具, 运输, 公用事业公司, telecommunications, recreation and entertainment. These will vary according to your individual requirements.


Refund Policy Table
事件 Cancellation Fee
Student visa refusal (Proof of refusal necessary, 例如, letter of visa refusal; rejection from the US embassy) US$250 administration fee
Withdrawal from 程序 (in any semester):
Withdrawal from Single Course(s):
Written notice given after Add/Drop deadline 100% of semester tuition*
Written notice given on or after the first day of 取向 100% of semester tuition*
Written notice given prior to Add/Drop deadline No cancellation fee. (Funds remain with 马塞诸斯州大学波士顿 Navitas GSSP and are credited against enrollment in a subsequent semester. 100% of tuition is forfeited if the student does not re-enroll in a subsequent semester.)
Written notice given prior to first day of 取向 The higher of $3500 or 20% of the balance of tuition on account (+ US$250 administration fee)